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sociology class

bamf bamf bamf: oh man you should've been at my first day of sociology class today

Auto response from bamf bamf bamf: leveling up my final fantasy characters...

bamf bamf bamf: it was great i was on fire
bamf bamf bamf: in the beginning i remembered the teacher said he liked to talk about movies
bamf bamf bamf: keep that in mind
bamf bamf bamf: we had to introduce ourselves and talk about us in front of the class
bamf bamf bamf: and for some reason he wanted to know our spouse status
bamf bamf bamf: so when i went up "HI class! my name is alan cabardo, that's C.A.B.A.R.D.O. Um... yeah i had to take this class cuz its a prerequisite for culinary i really don't know why it is, do you (to the teacher)". teacher's response i don't know.
bamf bamf bamf: then i started talking about how much i hated my classes and how i'd been at school since 8am and on wednesdays till 10pm, then i started talking about my work place
bamf bamf bamf: then out of nowhere i said "hey did you ever see the movie elf (he said no), yeah remember when the whale popped up out of nowhere in the beginning of the movie (teacher and class look of confusion)
bamf bamf bamf: and the teacher went along with me and smiled and said yes what about it and i said "yeah it was cool"
bamf bamf bamf: then my last words were "oh yeah i'm also single (as i gave him a big noticeable wink for him and the class to see)
filipinoxchris: hahah...
bamf bamf bamf: then towards the end of class when he said any final questions (he had made a reference to lord of the rings in the beginning of class) my question was, "so let me get this straight froto dies at the end" and the class just booed me
filipinoxchris: that is so hilarious
filipinoxchris: man, you spoiled it for the rest of the class
bamf bamf bamf: yeah but he doesn
bamf bamf bamf: doesn't die
filipinoxchris: or spoiled it for the rest of the nerds that are going to see it for the 20th time
bamf bamf bamf: and when the ladies introduced themselves and said if they were single he'd point them out to me
bamf bamf bamf: and everytime i just gave them a thumbs up
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