alan: quotes & stories (am_radio_mosh) wrote,
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glorious moment

i got this email today from alan. you can safely say that it made my day:

in sociology the teacher read off this
horoscope/survey thing. first he said to write your
wish "family matters dvd box set". the next three
questions where insignificant but the last question
was what's your favorite number and day of week "0,

-the favorite #= number of people who
you have to send this survey to.
-favorite day= the day your wish shall
come true.

then i raise my hand and say "wait... i'm a confused
my favorite number was 0 and today is monday so then
will i receive a family matters dvd box set today"
(as the teacher shakes his head in disapproval of me
and doesn't even reply, while the class is laughing so
hard whities are turning red and africans are turning
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