alan: quotes & stories (am_radio_mosh) wrote,
alan: quotes & stories

this is from a week ago. sorry, i have been busy.

before reading this story you must understand the
typical trucker (which is the sysco deliver guy): old,
dirty, smelly, rough/tough looking, rude.

setting: at work, all by myself. tv is left on because
family matters was just on. sysco guy comes in (sysco
is food service delivery) he takes in all the
groceries. and as i'm double checking all the
groceries, to see if he missed anything. as i'm doing
this the delivery guy is watching the tv, and full
house happens to be on.
****note i don't know any of the full house members
names cuz i'm not gay.
sysco: "oh i remember this one, this is the one where
(so and so) gets married and (so and so) is trying to
stop it but the dog gets to the paper and now the
others will think that she's gonna get married... its
this big confusion.... ohhh but don't worry i won't
tell you the ending"
me: "oh rats"
me: "hey have you ever seen the one with steve urkel
in it"
sysco: "??????.... OHHHHHHH that nerd NIGGER yeah dude
he's (f-bad word) funny... oh man!!"

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